Ann Oliver Harvey 

A Natural Enhancement For Face and Body
Semi Permanent Cosmetics are the future of the beauty industry and are being used increasingly in cosmetic and medical procedures to compliment the work of surgeons and cosmetic doctors.
The procedure is used for a number of treatments, one of which is to put back what time has taken away and subtly enhance what we already have, giving the illusion of a fuller mouth, a crisper lip outline, a fuller, thicker eyelash or a more shapely eyebrow to help frame the face and give the illusion of an upper lift.
The thinning of the eyebrow in particular greatly benefits from this technique. The demand for a polished eyebrow that gives a precise and polished effect has become the latest trend in personal grooming, giving an instant youthfulness to the overall look.
Of course Alopecia sufferers and post radiotherapy have found the treatment invaluable. Reconstruction of the Areola is very common.
Ann Oliver Harvey is an experienced medical technician with over 25 years in the cosmetic industry. Having spent the last 10 years practicing the art of implanting pharmaceutical grade pigment into the upper dermis of the skin, Ann has gained recognition in both the medical and aesthetic industry due to her artistic ability and the resulting natural finish that gives an overall rejuvenating effect. Using computerised technology, a natural coloured pigment is implanted restoring what nature intended.
Also suitable to correct an asymmetrical feature such as irregular lips, brows, eyes and areola to give a balanced appearance.
Ann works throughout the UK and Ireland with recognised hospital groups as well as privately on request. Having been requested to work on the Ten Years Younger Road Show, and having a high profile client base, ranging from 18 years to 84, her experience is extensive and therefore sought after for corrective work in all categories.
One of the most important aspects of choosing this procedure is to ensure the tattooist who completes this work is fully qualified with the correct covering insurance, a wealth of experience and just as importantly, a full in depth knowledge of skin tone, contours of the face and industry related cosmetic techniques that generally only come with an experienced technician.
When procedure is correctly applied, it is without doubt a beauty enhancement tool that refreshes an otherwise bland and colourless face. By subtly implanting natural colour pigment with a flush of colour and a little clever contouring, it can go a long way to helping us combat the ageing process by restoring the illusion of youthfulness.
For a free consultation and to discuss your unique requirements please contact Ann who operates from a number of private clinics in the North UK. The private consulting rooms at the clinics offer a professional environment from which to view a catalogue of procedures that are geared towards rejuvenating effect for clients of all ages be it prevention, maintenance or correction.
An in depth consultation will cover your personal needs, skin tone, suitable pigment colours, various optional designs to suit your face shape and overall facial measurements, together with an industry standard patch test to ensure suitability and skin reaction. Viewing of before and after photographs of all procedures is available throughout all consultation.
This procedure is no more painful than having an eyebrow tweezed and most people are able to return to work immediately afterwards should they choose to do so.
A new style eyebrow is now available for those who feel a little unsure of a semi- permanent finish. A gently enhanced feathered effect is lightly stroked through the brow to create the illusion of a more defined, groomed brow resulting in an overall framing finish to the face.
This procedure is ideal for those who wish to trial a new style brow, but feel a little unsure as it is only placed on the upper epidermis and therefore will only last a matter of months before gently fading away.


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 Laura Nancarrow

Keratin Straightening & Repair


Laura is trained in all aspects hairdressing as well as the complete range of straightening, resurfacing & restructuring services, including  Kerastraight, which is our weapon of choice when it comes to restructuring unruly or damaged hair.










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